Corporate Mindful Programs

Mindful Management Skills : 30 Minutes

Learn ways to manage stress that you can apply in all areas of your life.

*Calming and Centering during anxious states

* Building Healthful Resilience Into The Body
* Body Language to Enhance Communication and Breed Confidence
* Mindful Techniques for Time Management
 How to Sit at Your Computer.
*Active Listening

*Instantly Rebooting Your Mental Desktop

* Best Practices for Attention, Intention, and Tapping Into Flow States

Breathing 101
: 30 Minutes 
Discover the power of the breath to recharge your body and clarify your mind. Learn how to go from “Fight or Flight” to energized and productive equilibrium.

*Optimal Postural Alignment for Breathing, Mood and Energy

*Stretching Exercises for Office Workers

* Replacing Negative Thinking With Positive Attitude

 *Breathing for Inspiration and Insight

* Breathe to Lighten Up and Stop the Inner Chatter

* Managing Emotional States Through Breathing

* Breath Techniques to Lower Blood Pressure and Instill Resilience.