Intention “You will find that intention on liberation is the means to it. When this intention is full no other means is necessary. But when intention is weak what is the use of a thousand means? Therefore the principal means to liberation is intention alone.” – Tripura Rahasya. (date unknown). There is an interesting story […]

The Discipline of Love

We are contemplating a topic today that probably gives a lot of us the heebie jeebies: Discipline. Discipline, restraint, practice, sacrifice, and consistency: these things form the spine of a yogic life. There is a plaque enshrined at the entrance to the Harvard Law School library with these words: “You are ready to aid in […]

Seamless Robes

Today’s Science section in the New York Times has an interesting article: “Mind Games: Sometimes a White Coat Isnt Just a White Coat.” It is about experiments that were done studying a phenomenon they call ‘enclothed cognition’ which says that the clothing we wear affects our cognitive processes.

St Patrick and the Trinity

We have been speaking about Lent and in the middle of Lent comes St. Patrick’s day which is tomorrow. I was just reading that either St. Patrick died on march 17 or that the Irish Catholics decided they needed one day when they could drink during Lent, so they claimed this day as his feast day. He is of course the patron saint of Ireland.

Absolute Joy

We’ve been listening to Handel’s Messiah and most of the text is from the book of Isaiah – we just heard “He shall feed his flock like a shepherd” which has the line: “take His yoke upon you…” And then we heard the song: “His yoke is easy and His burden is light.”


Last Tuesday i virtually collapsed in front of the whole class because i have really bad hypoglycemia. A few days before that i had a dream that i wasnt absorbing the protein i was eating in the morning and i ignored it, but the dream was warning me about nutritional malabsorption going on in my […]


Thursday is Thanksgiving and of course one does think about – I hope a little bit – the quality of gratitude. Gratitude has a lot to do with yoga, the goal of yoga and what we do when we do yoga. One way to express the goal of yoga is to “be here now” – […]