Greetings Beloved Yoga practitioners! This month we welcomed 2018 with the theme of Intention At the start of the New Year we mobilized our yoga practice to examine the very nature of intent and to clarify and invigorate our goals and resolutions. It seems that intention and purpose are inseparable from life itself. I recently […]

The Heart

Your Yoga newsletter for the month of December, 2017 Greetings Yogis and Yoginis! This final month of 2017 we have been exploring the topic of the Heart. The heart has many layers of significance in the sphere of Yoga philosophy and practice. To begin with, Hatha Yoga practices of breathing, stretching, toning and meditation are […]

School of Recognition

November 2017 Yoga Newsletter Greetings yoga sangham attending class this November 2017! This month we were contemplating and practicing thanksgiving, delight and recognition. There is a whole philosophical school of Yoga Tantra methodology devoted to this attitude called “Pratyabhijna” : the School of Recognition. Recognition is an orientation to reality that cultivates awe and reverence […]

The Void

Greetings Dear Friends and Sangham attending class this October 2017! Some notes on our topics and the central theme examined this month: THE VOID Void or emptiness is important to both Buddhist and Yoga philosophy. The important thing is not to conceptualize the void but to experience it. This void is called “shunya” in Sanskrit. […]