The Glance of Shiva

The Glance of Shiva To the Trinity be praise! God is music, God is life That nurtures every creature in its kind. Our God is the song of the angel throng And the splendor of secret ways, Hid from all human kind                           […]


Samadhi I We are contemplating and speaking of samadhi lately. Samadhi is a theme that threads throughout the yogic canon. The word refers to a state of being which could be loosely translated as “equal vision.” It is the state of Self-realization in which one experiences unity with the universe. The word’s etymology gives a clue […]

Om, the Vedas and the Cat in the Hat

I I am preparing for a workshop in a couple of weeks: – “Experience OM” – so I’ve been contemplating Om quite a bit, and thought we would contemplate it together. In the course of preparation i have been doing some web research and found this from the NY Times, entitled: “Om, the Essence of […]

Feeling it in our bones: Transcending the “Anava Mala”

I have a little story to tell. It turns out the girls track team at my local high school is the fastest in the country – they just won first place in the whole nation. No one can figure it out because it is a tiny little high school, but we know it has something […]

Life, Death and Immortality

Yama and Nachiketa On Tues. we were talking about death, resurrection, and immortality because it comes up a lot in spiritual texts, in yogic texts and of course in the Easter story. Also, because it’s the 15th tomorrow what also occurred to me was Benjamin Franklin’s great statement, that nothing in this life is certain […]