The Glance of Shiva

I first met Shiva one evening during my freshman year at college. That day I had been speaking to a friend who meditated, and after he left, I thought I would try it. I sat on the bed cross legged, closed my eyes, and dedicated almost three whole minutes before deciding i was entirely unimpressed. […]

In the Temple of Light: Seeing Yourself Become Bhairava

In the Temple of Light: Seeing Yourself Become Bhairava An Intensive Workshop with Dr. Joe Loizzo and Mary Reilly Nichols This intensive workshop is for those familiar with the highest yoga tantra practice of Yamantaka (a.k.a. Vajrabhairava), who want to deepen their understanding and experience of its fierce wisdom and magnificent art. We honor its […]


Samadhi I We are contemplating and speaking of samadhi lately. Samadhi is a theme that threads throughout the yogic canon. The word refers to a state of being which could be loosely translated as “equal vision.” It is the state of Self-realization in which one experiences unity with the universe. The word’s etymology gives a clue […]