The Glance of Shiva

The Glance of Shiva To the Trinity be praise! God is music, God is life That nurtures every creature in its kind. Our God is the song of the angel throng And the splendor of secret ways, Hid from all human kind                           […]

Om as Guru

One who chants Om, which is the closest form of Brahman, approaches Brahman. This liberates one from the fear of the material world. – Rig Veda, circa 1500 BC Rare is the yogic text or scripture that does not extoll Om as a method of Self realization. You will find there that Om is sometimes […]


Intention “You will find that intention on liberation is the means to it. When this intention is full no other means is necessary. But when intention is weak what is the use of a thousand means? Therefore the principal means to liberation is intention alone.” – Tripura Rahasya. (date unknown). There is an interesting story […]

Moksha: Liberation, the fourth goal of life

“Of all the instruments of emancipation, Love is supreme.” So wrote the 9th century yogic sage, Shankaracharya who spread the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta: the doctrine of unity. Moksha is the sanskrit word for the fourth goal of life, indicating emancipation, which in the yogic sense may be defined as freedom from duality, or from […]

The Depression of Arjuna

We were listening to the Bhagavad Gita being chanted, and i put it on for a reason. The Bhagavad Gita is pretty much all you would ever really need to follow the path of Yoga. Its name means the “Song of God”, and it is a sacred text at the heart a larger epic – the Mahabharata. So the story opens as a dialogue between the hero, Arjuna, and his friend Krishna. It turns out that Krishna is the Avatar, God incarnate, but Arjuna knows him only as his friend and charioteer.

Pranayama: Breathing Techniques for calming the mind

Breathing Awareness The core of meditation techniques the world over is breathing awareness. Awareness of the breath refines the mind and leads it into a state of meditation. You will find that many ancient languages have one word for both the breath and the spirit. The Hebrew word “ruach” is an example, meaning both breath […]

Life, Death and Immortality

Yama and Nachiketa On Tues. we were talking about death, resurrection, and immortality because it comes up a lot in spiritual texts, in yogic texts and of course in the Easter story. Also, because it’s the 15th tomorrow what also occurred to me was Benjamin Franklin’s great statement, that nothing in this life is certain […]

The skill of relinquishing

There’s an article in today’s Science Times about kidneys that we may find interesting from a yogic point of view. The kidneys filter impurities from the blood, impurities which are then eliminated. Yoga itself is a purgatory or purifying movement and practice. So we do yoga to purify, eliminate toxins physical, mental and even spiritual. […]