The Glance of Shiva

I first met Shiva one evening during my freshman year at college. That day I had been speaking to a friend who meditated, and after he left, I thought I would try it. I sat on the bed cross legged, closed my eyes, and dedicated almost three whole minutes before deciding i was entirely unimpressed. […]

Om as Guru

One who chants Om, which is the closest form of Brahman, approaches Brahman. This liberates one from the fear of the material world. – Rig Veda, circa 1500 BC Rare is the yogic text or scripture that does not extoll Om as a method of Self realization. You will find there that Om is sometimes […]


Intention “You will find that intention on liberation is the means to it. When this intention is full no other means is necessary. But when intention is weak what is the use of a thousand means? Therefore the principal means to liberation is intention alone.” – Tripura Rahasya. (date unknown). There is an interesting story […]